Life’s jigsaw

When a rainbow vanishes before you share it

Or you feel a dream you cannot catch

So a hole has opened in a wall

Through which all my yesterdays have poured

Never to meet tomorrow.


Something has ended

And I will never be the same again.

Seeing the face, I cannot grasp the name

Closing my eyes to summon characters from a once loved book

Accepting now life’s jigsaw has no picture on the box.


Painting by Lorna Wallace using charcoal, Inktense Block and Neocolour on 500g gesso’d Watercolour Board; 50 x 65 cms.

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  1. Laura Black says:

    Wow. I adore this. The last line really resonated with me. I even spoke about it in therapy today. It is the perfect analogy for the way I am feeling right now. So simple, but so powerful.


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